Hardcore henry sexist here names female characters

hardcore henry sexist here names female characters

Is " Hardcore Henry " better than the video games it emulates at portraying multi- dimensional female characters? Here are the names of its.
I'm A Female Gamer and Here's Why I'll Never Play a Grand Theft Even by talking about it, I'm breaking some kind of unwritten rule among hardcore GTA fans. I'm not even joking: GTA V Online lets players rape other characters. And if the sexism and sexual violence isn't bad enough, there's more.
But the names of their characters, as identified by IMDB, should tell you everything you need to know. Here are the female “--- Henry ” characters: Estelle Olga the . Henry ' making-of music video may be even more hard core.

Hardcore henry sexist here names female characters -- going easy

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hardcore henry sexist here names female characters

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Hardcore henry sexist here names female characters going fast

Add to that other problems the game already has drawn fire for from chainmail bikinis to the lack of female characters in the Lich King victory statue and then throw this on top, and what do you get? The UED is barely mentioned.

hardcore henry sexist here names female characters