Wiki wrestling observer newsletter awards

wiki wrestling observer newsletter awards

2016 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards Lou Thez/Ric Flair Award (Wrestler of the Year) .. It doesn't look terribly common (I don't think it ever happened before, per Wikipedia), but I think that it makes sense in this case.
This is a list of both active and inactive Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards created by professional wrestling journalist, Dave Meltzer. The first fourteen.
This is a list of Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards, current and defunct. The awards are given on a yearly basis in various categories such as Wrestler of the..

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I don't how me not agreeing with how he structures his awards makes me ignorant. Or the comically out of date television. Matt Riddle, as I said in Most Outstanding, is the best rookie of all time. NXT really fell off the radar this year, losing a ton of their stars to the main roster, but fortunately LU was right there to pick things up and make wrestling fun again. Southpaw Regional Wrestling: Build to Lethal Leap Year Live? Jushin Liger: Frankensteiner off top rope.
wiki wrestling observer newsletter awards

Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane The Rockers. To react to and discuss the show as it happens. And he's definitely someone who deserved this as. Nobody dominated the MMA news or was a bigger draw that McGregor, who became the first fighter in history to hold two UFC titles simultaneously, and set a new standard for trash talk in MMA. Also Jun Akiyama probably deserved more credit for pulling AJPW back from the brink, but you only have one vote here, so I get it. Bob Armstrong vs Jim Cornette. Even after the brand split when Smackdown got a new lease on life after going live, Raw continues to be the shining beacon of meh for the wrestling business. Ultimate Fighter Faber vs. Honorable Mention: Kazuchika Okada vs. Get your flair here! Tag Team of the Year. Leaving that aside, this is a strong list. Other magazines such as Wrestling Main Event and Wrestling Eye also provided mention. Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. WCW Mini Video with the exploding boat. And bestchoiceproducts aluminum roll table folding camping outdoor, Ishii still had a pretty good year, winning the ROH TV title and getting an IWGP title shot vs. The full list of winners can be found online at Wikipedia. They deserve the recognition this year.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. Kenta Kobashi: Burning Hammer. Co-hosting the show with Meltzer was Bryan Alvarez , editor of the Figure Four Weekly newsletter. Most Charismatic: Shinsuke Nakamura.. If I were grading solely on big match performances, I think The Revival would barely be my top choice.

wiki wrestling observer newsletter awards